Get ready for an ITGC Audit with ITASC

How do I get ready for an ITGC Audit?

IT General Controls are internal controls and policies that ensure the effective implementation of control systems across an organization. Ensuring all these systems are functioning at an optimal level would ensure that you pass an audit with flying colors. 


IT general controls are systems that can be applied to an organization’s network,  cloud, operating systems, databases, and overall cyberinfrastructure.  

ITGC Implementation

ITASC is here to ensure that you are fully ready for an upcoming ITGC audit. With our experience with designing and implementing ITGC frameworks for Big 4 and fortune 500 companies, we have got you covered.

We scan through your current control processes such as your application and data infrastructure, program change management control, backup and recovery control, computer operation control, system development cycle, and many others, to ensure their full integrity.

Identify your risks

We help you assess the risks on your business systems, how they are currently affecting you. Best of all, we help you assess how you go about treating them.

Risk Assessment