Let’s help you become FedRamp authorized

Who needs a FedRamp authorization?

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) ensures security authorizations for cloud services. So, if your business works for the federal government or transmits federal data, your security has to be fedRAMP compliant.  



ITASC assesses your cloud services and your current data service program to ensure your security is up to fedRamp standard.

24/7 Monitoring

We prepare your organization for the full fedRamp assessment so you can become fully certified.

We monitor your cloud services 24/7 to ensure they remain compliant to fedRamp standards.

FedRamp Requirements

FedRamp has a long list of high-level requirements including FedRamp SSP documentation, FIPS 199 control, a CSO assessed by FedRamp themselves, and many more. That list can be very overwhelming to most business owners. 

ITASC is here to make your FedRamp compliance a breeze. We integrate our systems directly with your current cloud practices to ensure their utmost integrity. Best of all, we help you provide the necessary tools and documentation needed to get ready for the FedRamp audit.

FedRamp Requirements