Trust ITASC to conduct an audit of all your systems.

What does audit as a service mean?

Audit as a service (AaaS) entails the general analysis of a system to determine its areas of possible improvement, compliance benchmark standards, and overall quality. 


Audit as a service (AaaS)

Audits are extremely essential for business systems. It is advised that businesses conduct external, internal, and Internal Revenue Services at least once a year to ensure that they are compliant and streamlined at all times. 

Audits help protect your business from cyberattacks, compliance failures, and possible financial lawsuits by identifying lapses in your processes beforehand. 

Audit Process

Getting ready for an audit can be a really stressful process with you rallying around to find what you need to prepare. 

Thankfully ITASC makes the process a breeze for you. We integrate ourselves directly into your systems to analyze your current processes, and how we can best improve them. 

Choose ITASC for your audits

With our wealth of experience auditing for big 4 firms and fortune 500 companies, we know what works and how to make sure your processes are effective and compliant.

ITASC for Audit