ITASC helps you become HIPAA compliant fast

Who needs to be HIPAA compliant?

If you run a business that deals with the health information of patients, all that data is personal and needs to be kept safe in all forms. That’s where we come in.¬†



Safeguard every patient’s data just as you safeguard their health.

ITASC is here to ensure you become HIPAA compliant by reviewing and optimizing all your practices to ensure data integrity, and by helping you craft policies that secure your PHI.

HIPAA Compliance

ITASC makes sure that all signed Business Associates Agreements are collected in one place.

We also make sure that all electronic Patients Health Information is shared in accordance with HIPAA requirements.

Monitor your policies

ITASC integrates her systems directly with your cloud service providers and more. We check all encryptions, backups, and storage to make sure confidentiality is always preserved.

We help you assess the risks of all patients whose PHI you process, how they are currently affecting you. Best of all, we help you assess how you could lessen their impacts.

HIPAA Risk Assessment