Get CCPA compliant with ease

Do I need to be CCPA compliant?

If your organization deals with the data and private information of California’s residents, then by law your organization has to follow the CCPA regulations.



The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was passed in 2018 to give her residents more control over the number of data and personal information businesses can collect from them.

For your organization to run smoothly through California without breaking its rules or regulations, then you have to be CCPA compliant by law.

California Consumer Privacy Act
CCPA Assessment

ITASC helps you prepare for an upcoming CCPA assessment, so you can sleep easy knowing that we have you covered. 

We help you integrate new policies where they are gaps, so your organization can remain law-abiding within the CCPA. 

Monitor your Systems

ITASC stays updated with all amendments and new regulations under the CCPA. We help you review your current data collection practices to ensure you remain compliant with the CCPA.

We monitor your current cloud practices 24/7 to ensure they always remain compliant with the CCPA.

Monitoring the system