Ready to become GDPR compliant?

How ITASC can help you become GDPR compliant

We can help you save thousands in security consulting fees by handling all inquiries and helping you showcase your compliance.



Is your business a global enterprise? Enhance your security reach by becoming GDPR Compliant.

If you have customers in the EU or the United Kingdom, ITASC is here to ensure you keep their data safe at all times as per The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


GDPR compliance
Cloud Service

Our decade worth of expertise is at your disposal to ensure that any gaps in your GDPR compliance will be filled accordingly.

We monitor your business systems continually, to ensure they remain compliant and secure.

Vetted Policies

Let ITASC help you generate legally-vetted policies that ensure you always remain GDPR compliant.

We will help you obtain an EU representative which will ensure you satisfy all GDPR requirements.

Vetted Policy