Become CJIS audit-ready in no time with ITASC

What does it mean to be CJIS compliant?

Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) compliance deals with the protection of data from cyber threats on a daily basis. They are the largest division of the FBI, charged with keeping government agencies safe from digital threats.


CJIS Compliance

If your organization deals with or has access to data on the FBI’s CJI system, you must be compliant with their standard. 

Let ITASC help you become CJIS compliant and audit-ready faster than you can imagine. 

CJIS Compliance
Cloud Services

We monitor your third-party cloud services such as AWS to make sure your transmission of data is up to standard with CJIS’ 13 policy areas. 

We work closely with your management to ensure that all data transmitted across your organization is completely secured. 

Getting ready for an audit

The CJIS security policy document is a 230-page read, which we understand can be a tad overwhelming to read through and follow. If you are preparing for a CJIS Audit Unit assessment, ITASC makes it a breeze and we are here to help you succeed.  

We help you assess the risks and security lapses within your organization’s systems, how they are currently affecting you. Best of all, we help you treat them. Hence, ensuring your CJIS compliance 24/7.