Become compliant with the C5 standard

What is C5 Compliance?

Does your organization interact with personal data across Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Paris, Milan, Stockholm, and Singapore, as well as Edge locations in Germany, Ireland, England, France, and Singapore? If so, then you must be compliant with the Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5), set up to ensure cloud security. 


C5 Compliance

As you move data and information across the cloud, ITASC monitors the data supply chain to ensure its complete integrity and compliance to C5’s security standard 24/7.

C5 Compliance

We integrate our systems with your cloud service providers such as AWS, to ensure that your customer’s data is always secured as you transmit them across their service.

Let’s help you get certified

Cloud services are always changing their operation processes and systems. We adapt to that change and help adapt your organization as well. 

ITASC helps bring your organization’s cloud practices up to C5’s standard, so you can get certified without breaking a sweat.