Perform a penetration test to assess your system’s vulnerabilities

What is penetration testing?

A penetration test or pen test is a simulated cyberattack against your system to showcase its vulnerabilities and strengths.


Penetration Test

Penetration tests simulate what a cyber attack on your organization will look like. Think of it as a military drill to prepare you and your team for the real deal if it ever happens.


Penetration test in progress
Penetration Testing

ITASC helps perform these simulated attacks so we can find out where your systems are most vulnerable, and how your team would handle a possible data breach.

Once we find the gaps, we act on them immediately to fill them up. Hence, strengthening your systems and your customer’s trust in you.¬†

Identify your risks

We help you assess the risks on your business systems, how they are currently affecting you. Best of all, we help you assess how you go about treating them.

Risk Assessment